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Welcome to Falkirk Sewing Studio

We are a company with the mission to benefit the community. Our studio is based on Callendar Road in Falkirk to help the community. In our spacious studio, we provide the right environment to promote sewing and other creative art and craft activities for newcomers, women, children, minority groups including ethnic minorities, LGBTI and anyone who feels they would benefit from inclusion in the project. Ubuntu is our founding principle which speaks to our interconnection as people; I am, because you are because we are.  We believe that one person cannot be successful if we are not all successful, if one person is excluded we are all missing out.  Ubuntu sits at the heart of our approach to creating and nurturing a community. We facilitate and promote the environment for artists and craftspeople to thrive and for community members to develop and learn new skills, end isolation, develop social networks, work with people and engage them to create projects of their design, and we believe that everything fits, be that people coming together or fabrics being sewn together.

We understand newcomers to be a wide-ranging term encompassing (but not exclusive to) those who are new to the area (from the UK and from abroad and propelled by many circumstances), those who are new to searching for employment (such as school leavers, those experiencing redundancy, parents returning to work or seeking rehabilitation) and those new to sewing. 

So if you are a newcomer, artist or community member seeking work and educational experience and/ or training for those wishing to pursue a career in sewing, tailoring and the creative arts or combatting social isolation by doing creative activities in a shared space, for example, ‘Sewing In Company’ where people can work on their own projects in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere you are at the right place. 

We also provide signposting, moral support and marketing to those who wish to sell their artwork/handmade products. We ensure that any barriers to participation in any of the above activities, such as the ability to pay are removed. If you have an idea you need support with art and craft-related projects, initiatives or activities for the benefit of the community please speak with us. 

You can also support our artists by shopping at our studio. Our online store will be available soon.



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